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About TigerTMS

With over 40 years of industry experience, TigerTMS is probably the world’s largest single supplier of communications and guest management systems, integrated voice and data solutions, as well as the self-build digital assistant to provide everything a guest needs before, during and after their stay from their mobile device. Branded to the exact requirements of the property, it is easily accessed by a QR-code with NO fussy downloads for the guest, and NO development costs for the hotel.

TigerTMS is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with regional satellite offices in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Sales and around-the-clock technical support centers are located in each office providing local presence to our valued clients.

TigerTMS provides world-class technology solutions to some of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups as well as hundreds of independent hoteliers.

TigerTMS Facts & Figures

Trusted by 10000+ Hotels

Accredited with leading
brands and platforms

Technical round the clock
global support

Award-Winning Products


TigerTMS, with 40 years of experience, delivers world-class Hospitality Applications – transforming hotel operations and enhancing the guest experience for over 10,000 hotels.

Their range of market-leading applications and middleware covers communications and guest management systems, integrated voice and data solutions, and the latest technology for the guests’ mobile devices.

TigerTMS is dedicated to helping its clients enhance their performance, increase productivity and improve the guest experience.

App-less Smartphone Solution

The no download, zero-footprint approach to guest information with integrated voice and messaging technology – with no need to install a mobile app, and no hefty development fees.

No Apps, No Downloads – Just Better Guest Service

iPortal is a leading-edge solution that delivers hotel information, messaging, telephony client and auto check-out to the guest smartphone without the need to download an App. Delivered either stand alone, or fully integrated with iLink to provide an inclusive experience. Guests need only to simply scan a QR code to access iPortal – which provides all the services they will need during their stay.

  • Easy access to hotel information & services
  • Dashboard Analytics for Reporting
  • Multi-site Management, create once use many
  • No downloads
  • Revenue enhancing
  • Speed dials
  • Social Media links
  • F&B Ordering
  • Custom branding
  • Messaging
  • Mobile Check-Out
  • Guest Feedback

GENERATE ADDITIONAL REVENUE: Upsell additional services (critical period between booking & check-in) and cross-sell 3rd Party services —taxi, restaurants, theatre etc.

ENHANCE GUEST EXPERIENCE: Easy engagement with hotel staff via voice or messaging and no App to download. Customise with your branding.

SUPPORT YOUR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS AND SAVE MONEY: Replace traditional hotel directories and make ongoing changes using the iPortal Configurator.

Interface Connectivity

Gain flexibility and save time on cost with the world’s most widely deployed middleware solution with the most certified interfaces available on one platform.

Freedom to choose the best Applications for your Hotel

The iLink Service bus is the Gold Standard for Hospitality Middleware. It provides interface connectivity for all TigerTMS applications and all of the leading PMS Systems, IPTV and Guest Services’ solutions available in the market. iLink has the most certified integrations so it’s no surprise that over 10,000 hotels have it deployed. Every part of your infrastructure is linked to give a seamless flow of data and brings your Hotel together as one system.

REACT TO MARKET TRENDS: iLink enables Hotels to implement applicable, relevant solutions for their guests, without having to wait many months for a new interface to be developed by the PMS provider.

SAVE COSTS: Remove the need to purchase and support individual interfaces. With iLink, you purchase once and use many times.

ENHANCE THE GUEST EXPERIENCE: Integrate your hotel technologies to personalise and meet the needs of individual guests.

PMS Centric Architecture

Cost – License charge for each interface & Ongoing Support charges per interface

Speed – interfaces can take months to develop

Risk – Everything relies on the tie-in to the PMS


Distributed Architecture using Middleware

Scalability – Add and remove applications easily – All applications connected to PMS – Agile and flexible architectures

Freedom – 000’s of ready-built interfaces to choose from

Cost – Lower entry and support costs

Speed – Fast deployment – React quicker to consumer demands – Reduce onboarding time

Optimize your business

Share resources across multiple PMS systems (dual-flag properties)

Deliver improved guest services

Communications Manager

Provide effective communications management, with comprehensive data analytics and reporting, fast billing of voice usage for guests and administration teams.

The Future of Communication Management

iCharge Enterprise integrates hundreds of hotel systems and delivers robust call accounting to produce comprehensive real-time and analytical reports that enable hoteliers to improve operational effectiveness and enhance the guest experience.

iCharge Enterprise has a comprehensive set of Communication Management features that provides real-time information to improve operations;

  • Dashboard view of your hotel operations including; room status, occupancy levels, system alerts
  • Fast billing of voice usage for guests and administration teams
  • Automatic production of a range of reports to give detailed analysis, and enable operational improvements

For businesses who want to delve deeper into their operational activities, an Advanced Management Reporting option can be purchased.

This includes reports on (but not limited to):

  • Carrier Traffic Cost Analysis
  • Company Cost & Usage Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Extension Usage Reports
  • Traffic Management Reports

Voice message and Wake Up

Provide efficient communications and a superior experience for your guests with the world’s leading voice messaging, wake-up management, and room status solution.

Feature Rich Hotel Specific Guest Messaging and Wake-Up

innLine has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry to provide voicemail that supports multiple languages, wake-up management system and room status application. innLine is a Brand Standard across all the world’s major hotel operators.

innLine has become the Brand Standard for many hotel groups due to its ability to support:

  • Multiple languages – our multi lingual platform supports the most widely spoken languages
  • Guest Voice Messaging – free up staff time by eliminating the need to deliver messages to rooms
  • Wake-up Calls – automatically placed, reports are generated as standard
  • Group Messaging – to facilitate tour leads to create and send voicemail messages to their own group
  • Room Status – easy management of room stock for efficient housekeeping

Wifi Access

Ensure guests experience secure and reliable internet connection, wherever they roam within the hotel with intelligent distribution of bandwidth across your entire property.

Guest WiFi Management System

iSurf is a WiFi management system providing all-in-one guest internet access service. Flexible, modular and adaptable to suit the requirements of every type of hotel, it provides hotels with the ability to assure guests that wherever they roam within the hotel, they will have secure and reliable internet connectivity.

There are a whole host of features that enhance the way you provide internet services to your guests:

  • Intelligent distribution of bandwidth across your entire property, guaranteeing bandwidth per user
  • Customisable log-in page compatible for all devices a guest might bring – laptop, tablets, notebooks etc
  • Easy access for guest login by scanning a QR Code and ‘remember me’ feature for automatic login on devices already registered
  • Allows concurrent login of multiple devices with the same login details
  • Ability to redirect guests to offers, survey pages, restaurant information, loyalty programs, or any other information you wish to promote about your hotel
  • Multi-lingual facility that recognises the preferred language of the end device – automatically
  • Predefined Terms and Conditions in multiple languages
  • Calculates Individual’s use capturing time, date, data volume, bandwidth etc, for billing purposes, or offer WiFi for free
  • Support package updates to keep the system up to date and safe from potential threats

iSurfPro offers additional features:

  • Available on premise with optional connectivity to a cloud management system
  • Endorsed by numerous global hotel chains
  • Manages the guest network connectivity while the cloud management system is used as reporting and management engine or tool
  • Room-based licenses – no limit on number of devices a guest connects

Guest Messaging Contact Center

The new way to communicate with your guests; with a quick opt-in to receive hotel notifications, your guests can chat with hotel agents using iNotify via WhatsApp.

Intelligent Smartphone Solution

iNotify is an intelligent messaging platform that integrates hotel systems with Apps (e.g. WhatsApp) already resident on the guests’ mobile handset. With a quick opt in to receive hotel notifications, iNotify is the perfect solution to send, receive and manage guest service requests.

iNotify is the perfect solution to send, receive and manage guest service requests. There are a whole host of features that enhance the way you provide internet services to your guests:

  • Alleviates the need for users to install yet another App
  • Utilises WhatsApp’s encrypted secure messaging facility
  • Seamless engagement with your guests and prospective guests
  • Supports sending of photographs to explain issues, so you can respond and deal with the problem in a fast and efficient manner
  • Increase the opportunity for additional revenues by sending messages of promotions or events
  • Routine guest requests can be answered automatically – e.g. “how do I get to the hotel from the station?”
  • Emergency Notifications can be dealt with directly, with a timeline recording
  • Upon departure, a final message “Thank you for staying with us – we’d be grateful if you would provide a review” message can be sent, and auto removal from the hotel messaging system occurs

Why The TigerTMS
Solution Set

TigerTMS develops the latest technology for integrating systems for any Hotel.

– Trusted by 10,000 hotels to enhancing performance, productivity and the guest experience.
– Seamless connectivity of IT systems and better communications with guests that drive additional revenue and enhance the guest experience.
– Freedom to choose the best Applications for your Hotel
– Communications Management Solutions with data analytics and reporting
– Feature Rich Hotel Specific Guest Messaging and Wake-Up.
– Real-time Guest Information and Essential Notifications
– Guest WiFi Management Solution
– Mobile Guest Services (Digital Assistant)
– Intelligent Guest Messaging Technology.

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