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About NEC

Founded in 1899, NEC brings 120 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society. NEC Enterprise Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of NEC, is a leading provider of IT & Communications solutions. With over 75 million global users, NEC commands the No.1 market share position as worldwide leader in Enterprise Communications.

NEC is unique in that its portfolio and expertise spans the full spectrum of IT and Communications technologies. The goal is to connect people – with each other and with the information they need. This allows them to make faster, better-informed decisions anywhere and at any time.

Designed for open connectivity, high availability and flexible growth, NEC’s innovative solutions incorporate the latest voice, data and video technologies and enable real-time, collaborative working, increased productivity and customer satisfaction. NEC enables businesses to optimize business practices, drive workforce engagement and maximize performance and profitability.

The NEC Advantages

A Century+ of Expertise

64,000+ Patents

99,000+ Team Members

Top 50 Innovative

Key High Value Solution Areas

> Unified Communications & Collaboration
> IT and Communications servers
> Networking solutions incl. SDN, Cloud, Hybrid and Wireless
> Business Mobility & Messaging
> Customer Contact & Engagement
> Emergency Notification, Alarm handling & Security
> Application Networking and Business Process Integration
> Network, System and Expense Management

> Analogue, Digital and (S)IP endpoints
> High Availability, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
> Cloud Communications services
> Software Assurance
> Data Storage, Protection and Management
> HyperConverged Infrastructures
> Smart Workspaces

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